Save The Bilby Fund

National Bilby Day Second Sunday in September

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National Bilby Day

Frank Manthey is constantly looking for ways to draw the attention of the Australian community to the plight of the bilby.

In 2002, he came up with the idea of having a National Bilby Day and started to lobby the Federal Government to gazette this day. He was finally successful in achieving this in 2005.  Frank now uses National Bilby Day to promote community events to fundraise and create awareness about the bilby. 

Pictured left: Senator Ian Campbell (Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage in 2005) at the launch of National Save the Bilby Day held at Parliament House in June 2005.

In 2007, Frank invented the Face the Challenge Endangered Species Crossword Competition and together with Joanne Johnstone from Planet Press, invited schools from around Australia to use this competition as a research opportunity to learn more about our endangered species. Many schools from every state in Australia join the competition every year and hopefully learn more about why so many species are under threat. To see the competition, please go to the Schools link in our website.   

Pictured left: Save the Bilby Fund co-founders Frank Manthey and Peter McRae with Darrell Lea CEO John Tolmie and Senator Ian Campbell at the launch of National Bilby Day held at Parliament House in Canberra where Darrell Lea handed over a cheque for over $35,000 from proceeds of the sales of their chocolate bilbies. Note that Darrell Lea sponsorship ended in 2012.

In March 2013 Fyna Foods, Pink Lady Chocolates become a  new sponsor of the fund. Tom Campbell (Executive Director) from Fyna Foods met with Frank Manthey, Al Mucci (Manager of Life Sciences, Dreamworld), other Save the Bilby Fund Board members  to present a $10 000 cheque to  Save the Bilby Fund.