Save The Bilby Fund

National Bilby Day Second Sunday in September

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We need your help NOW to help save the bilbies

Following the Greater Bilby Recovery Summit earlier this year, we now have a cohesive interim plan and call to action that speaks in a united voice for the bilbies.

Your help is now more critical than ever before. We need you to support bilbies by helping to fund vital conservation and captive breeding programs, education and research.

To celebrate National Bilby Day 2015 you could…

Make a direct donation or bequest (100% goes to saving the bilbies).

Get creative and fundraise through your friends, workplace and community groups.

Purchase the affordable bilby merchandise (Why not buy in bulk and hold a bilby fundraising event!).

Become a Bilby Friend or a corporate sponsor.

Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The more you can do, the more you will be contributing to the long-term survival of the bilby.

Supporting the recovery of this species will also help other endangered and threatened fauna in our arid outback that face similar challenges.

You can’t lose but the bilby can if you don’t act.

How National Bilby Day started

Frank Manthey is constantly looking for ways to draw the attention of the Australian community to the plight of the bilby.

In 2002, he came up with the idea of having a National Bilby Day and started to lobby the Federal Government to gazette this day. He was finally successful in achieving this in 2005.  Frank now uses National Bilby Day to promote community events to fundraise and create awareness about the bilby. 

Pictured left: Senator Ian Campbell (Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage in 2005) at the launch of National Save the Bilby Day held at Parliament House in June 2005.

Thanks to the Wiggles for promoting National Bilby Day. Watch their clip on youtube.